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About Ignas Tarabilda

In high school, I was that person that seemingly in my world of doodles and drawings. I’ve had a pencil in my hand since childhood. When I started to study in the college, I originally had the idea of going into web development, web design or interactive design. After building my first website on Joomla, and getting the instant gratification of praise from others, I was kind of hooked. I started to learn more about the website platforms, programming languages, database structures, animations and cybersecurity.

In 2006, I started to study a graphic design at VTDK (College in Lithuania, Vilnius). It was a great study experience with this college!

Recently I started a new business. The main goal is to help to promote new startups, businesses, websites. If you just started or considering to start up a new business, contact me! No matter if you a small company or a large company, I have a solution for you. I like to make the web a better place.

Hopefully, we cross paths in the real world someday, and we can make it a better place together.

Maintenace mode on WordPress

There are a few different ways how to put WordPress website on maintenance without the plugin. If on the WordPress website are installed too many plugins, it slows down the website. An outdated plugin can cost serious security issues!

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Free eCommerce platforms

My favorite platform. One of the best free open source e-commerce platform on the market. Fast, user friendly and plenty of usefull features, like coupons, marketing and much more! Twice faster than an WooCommerce Plugin of WordPress. Excellent for small to medium size business. Another great feature that OpenCart platform uses Bootstrap Front-End Framework.

Most popular content management system in the world. WordPress is an universal CMS and widely used as blog or ecommerce platform.WooCommerce plugin must be installed for using WordPress as e-commerce platform. Not recommended for large business. SEO Yoast - most important plugin on the market , which helps to create Google friendly content.

Great free open-source platform with plenty of functionality. An excellent choice for medium size business. Note: Prestashop is free, but some modules can be expensive. If you don't know CSS, HTML, PHP i would rather go with OpenCart or WooCommerce instead of Prestashop.

Big player for medium to large size businesses. Widely used to serve few shops in a single dashboard. With Magento platform you can do a lot. Marketing, SEO, advanced product options and much more. Unsuitble for small business.

An impressive platform for small to large size businesses. There is a free version of X-Cart, which has all of the essential features for getting started with an online store, as well as such advanced features as newsletters, social-commerce sharing, and a sitebuilder for tweaking themes. X-Cart will provide free core upgrades for the free version. It also includes free extensions such as ShipStation to generate shipping labels, Magic Slideshow to create a slideshow on the site, and Diib Analytics—which provides predictive analytics for your store.

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OpenCart default slider fix

OpenCart3 is a perfect solution for small to large business. However, you can't ignore that white gap on the bottom of the right client slider corner. Let's fix this issue!

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